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7 January 2019
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15 April 2019
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Ametek Spectro Scout

Spectro Scout is the ideal tool for those who want to perform analysis of their baths in an immediate way. It is designed to be used directly on the electroplating line, making it possible to obtain the results of tests on the baths in just a few minutes. The device also allows the absolute immediacy of use, thanks to an intelligent and fast calibration system that makes it possible to use Spectro Scout in just a few minutes.

In particular, the tool has a series of features that make it flexible and straightforward to use: 
  • Compact design (30 x 30 x 35 cm)
  • User-Friendly Software
  • Durable shell suitable for use on the production line
  • Only one socket required
  • Automatic micropipettes with disposable tips or disposable pasteur pipettes can be used for collecting samples
  • 5 ml of sample for performing the scan

At the same time it offers remarkable performance:
  • Innovative analytical technique for the sector, which combines the ease of use with the speed of analytical response
  • Non-destructive analysis technique. The sample portion can be reintroduced into the process, as it is unaltered in its chemical-physical characteristics
  • Flexible technique which can analyse different matrices and allows parallel scans of the analytes present in very different concentrations
  • Possibility of analysis directly at the bathside (at-line analysis)