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8 February 2019
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Ametek Spectro Xepos

This tool is also used in our laboratory to determine the concentration of metals in electroplating baths. Its great advantage consists of the possibility of performing, in an automated way, by using an autosampler, up to 12 different types of acquisitions, in order to reduce analysis times to a minimum and increase the reproducibility of the tests carried out on electroplating baths. The Spectro Xepos from Ametek also makes it possible to control the composition of base materials and metal alloys (with the possible presence of pollutants) and determine the counts for solutions with precious metals. It also allows for the verification and control of solutions containing precious metals destined for recovery, in a very wide range of concentrations.

Complete and reliable control. In particular giving:
  • Direct control over supplies
  • Fast and reliable analysis
  • Real-time control of production lines
  • Accuracy in determining the concentration of precious metals in solutions sent for recovery
The use of the Spectro Xepos brings huge advantages, including those of an operational nature. In particular, it speeds up operations enormously and means that the analyses can be carried out almost immediately, as no sample preparation is required (sampling takes place directly at the edge of the bath). Furthermore, the analysis is non-destructive, so at the end of the analysis the sample can be reintroduced into the bath as it is completely intact.

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