Analysis laboratory

The fulcrum of our company

A team dedicated to the control and continuous improvement of chemical processes.

The laboratory is the most precious part of our company. Testing and Improvement are the two cornerstones of laboratory activity. The investments made in training and technologies led, in 2014, to creating a new internal environment entirely dedicated to the control and optimisation of the chemical processes in use. With a twofold objective: to meet the high quality standards required by large fashion houses, and to constantly monitor compliance with the quality attributes of the chemical solutions produced. In the chemical laboratory, tests are carried out to assess the quality of chemical solutions and their potential effects on different materials.

To be more specific, routine analysis takes place in two distinct phases:

  • Analysis of the chemical-physical parameters of the solutions for determining the content of metals and organic and inorganic additives (atomic absorption, X-ray fluorescence, ion chromatography, potentiometry).
  • Electrolytic deposition tests under standard conditions (electrolysis in Becker/Hull cells).


Area of application

The XRF spectroscopy can be used for the analysis of both liquid and solid samples. Thanks to these tecnologies, checking the status of one's bath independently in the electroplating industry is possible. It can also be used to directly control the supply of precious metals or to recover them from processing waste.

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