The Imaging Laboratory offers complete Technical Assistance: both for intermediate quality control during production, and following non-compliance of the finished product.

The Imaging division carries out: 

  • investigations into the morphology of superficial imperfections (dots, blistering, peeling, fractures), by means of optical and electronic microscopes at high magnifications;
  • determination of the thickness and alloy of galvanic deposits with destructive and non-destructive analysis;
  • determination of the colorimetric coordinates and, therefore, of the colour point of the sample;
  • accelerated corrosion tests, in order to highlight any sample defects that can be detected over time;
  • drafting production specifications, consistent with customer requirements.

Experience and Expertise are at the basis of the quality service that the Imaging Team provides to its Customers, to whom it offers assistance and support ranging from the choice of test to the detailed description of the results obtained.

The high quality of service offered by the Imaging Laboratory and its Team is also a fundamental resource for Research and Development, which makes use of the Imaging division to monitor and improve projects related to the creation of new Products and Processes.

Standard Description
UNI EN ISO 22775 – 2: 2005 Resistance to Saline corrosion
UNI EN ISO 9227: 2017 Resistance to Salt Mist
UNI ISO 4524 – 2: 2008 Oxidation with Sulphur Dioxide
INTERNAL METHOD PO2.015 Resistance to SO2NOx atmosphere - China Test
UNI EN ISO 4538: 1998 Resistance to Thioacetamide
NF S80 – 772: 2010 Resistance to Synthetic Acid Sweat
UNI EN ISO 4611: 2011 Resistance to Moist Heat
UNI EN ISO 4611: 2011 Resistance to Moist Heat with Skin
UNI EN ISO 105 – C06: 2010 Resistance to Domestic and Commercial Washing
UNI EN ISO 105 – D01: 2010 Resistance to Dry Cleaning
UNI EN ISO 105 - E03: 2010 Resistance to Chlorine Water
UNI EN 1811: 2015 Weekly for Nickel
CPSC – CH – E1001 – 08.03: 2012 Total content of Lead and Cadmium in metals
CPSC – CH – E1002 – 08.03: 2012 Total content of Lead and Cadmium in non-metals
CPSC – CH – E1003 – 09.01: 2011 Lead Content on Paints
ASTM B571: 2018 Thermal Shock Resistance Test
UNI EN ISO 2819: 2018 Adhesion for grid on electroplated surface
UNI EN ISO 2409: 2013 Adhesion for grid on painted surface
INTERNAL METHOD LV: P.2.08 Turbula abrasion test
INTERNAL METHOD PO2.007 Determination of Colorimetric Parameters (L*, a*, b*)
INTERNAL METHOD Surface investigation with Metallographic Microscope
UNI EN ISO 3497: 2001 XRF Analysis
UNI EN ISO 9220: 1998 SEM EDS session analysis