Electroplating solutions for fashion

Innovative products and processes. Designed for fashion accessories and luxury goods

We were founded to create chemical solutions for decorative electroplating, in particular for haute couture and the world of accessories.

We work to offer the best chemical solutions for electroplating baths. And we do it by following a path that has led us to study, invest in and create a background of specific experience in the haute couture sector. Our vision sees research and development as playing a key role because they allow us to offer innovative solutions to specific requirements, responding to needs and sometimes even pre-empting them.

The internal work cycle is complemented by a rigorous phase of analysis and testing, conducted entirely by the laboratory team, and designed to offer the best possible guarantees in terms of durability, strength and quality of finish.

This approach has allowed us to grow and become a specialised partner for all companies offering electroplating services to the world of fashion and accessories. Today we work directly with those same brands that have become acquainted with our products for electroplating baths and who consider them necessary for certain types of finish.