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Decorative electroplating

Innovative solutions for captivating finishes and effects, always sought after in the world of haute couture and luxury

This family of products brings together the best solutions for treatments which are resistant to wear and to corrosive effects caused by external agents.

These are finishes that make it possible to obtain deposits that are brilliant, opaque, satin, brushed, antiqued and aged.


Processes aimed at guaranteeing valuable deposits that require great resistance to wear and corrosion, while also having a perfect aesthetic result in terms of brightness and uniformity of the surface. Different shades are available, from light gold to intense yellow: 
Flash baths: make it possible to recreate colours and shades that are usually unachievable and which are completely customisable; 
Thickness baths: make it possible to obtain thicknesses of up to 3 microns without flaws or cracks; 
Low carat: ideal for meeting cost containment requirements.


The whitest colour that can be obtained electrochemically. It is characterised by an exceptional brightness and purity, and can subsequently be treated for ageing effects.


Electrolytes capable of depositing pure Palladium or Palladium alloys. With extremely bright colours and great characteristics for wear and corrosion resistance; particularly recommended both as a final colour and as a protective barrier. 
Palladium Nickel 80/20
Palladium Nickel 90/10 Non-allergenic
Palladium Stainless Steel (Nickel-Free)


A process that makes it possible to deposit a layer of pure platinum, with an extremely white and bright shade and a thickness that can reach up to one micron. The product is characterised by the very low Platinum content in solution and the low operating temperature.


It has excellent penetration and colour characteristics, as well as being very easy to work with. Perfect brilliance, ideal for those looking for maximum aesthetic performance. 
Artiko (White Rhodium); 
Black Artiko (Bright Black Rhodium)


This includes both acidic and alkaline electrolytes, with which deposits from light grey to deep black can be obtained, not otherwise obtainable with electrolyte. 
White Ruthenium from L= 75/65; 
Black Ruthenium from L= 64/54; 
I-Black Ruthenium from L= 45/42;


Processes designed to create antique effect finishes through subsequent mechanical uncovering treatments. 
Smoke: Black Gold;
Darkmet: Black Palladium


A cataphoretic paint that, after firing, reticulates to produce a hard coating with excellent characteristics of uniform thickness. Available in a transparent version or in different colours, it can be applied on automatic or manual electroplating systems.