The dynamism of the company, the experience of its workforce

A team with a long professional history in an organised and flexible company

Valmet Plating is the synthesis of extensive experience gained in the chemical field, in particular in producing solutions for technical and decorative electroplating.

From the experience gained by its personnel, and the desire to create a company strongly focused on research and quality control, Valmet Plating was born, a company specialised in producing electroplating solutions for haute couture.

Ever since its foundation, the company's goal has always been approaching the market in a specific way: offering products designed primarily for finishes for fashion accessories. A choice that has allowed us, in just a few years, to become the partner of choice for electroplating companies and brands that choose our solutions to obtain complex decorative effects that last over time.

Over the last few years we have chosen to establish the Research & Development division, on the one hand to protect our electroplating solutions, on the other to continue searching for ever increasingly new solutions. The growth in turnover and consolidation of our market position have also allowed us to invest substantial resources in the laboratory, that today is the hub of the company, as well as a service used by those same fashion houses.

Today we can be something that is more than just a supplier of electroplating deposits: we have two divisions that deal with plant design and consulting, and we are often the direct interface of the brands that commission specific products by virtue of the decorative effects they intend to achieve.

Valmet Plating is controlled by Valmet Spa, a company with a ten-year history that operates, with its own companies, in different sectors of the market: from waste recovery to the recovery and marketing of precious metals.