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15 April 2019
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17 September 2019
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i.Met: absolute protection and palladium reduction by up to 80%


Maximum protection. Absolute versatility. Zero cyanides.
Reduction in the use of Palladium up to 80%

i.Met is a type of deposit that guarantees great resistance and a long-lasting result. The peculiar structure and composition of the process can ensure a total isolation from corrosive agents. In other words, i.Met prevents corrosion of the underlying galvanic layers. The result is a strong and durable surface that protects the accessories and remains unaltered over time.

The best alternative to Palladium

While the price of Palladium keeps rising, i.Met allows to achieve the same protection and resistance at a much lower cost.

The characteristics of i.Met make it the best alternative to the Palladium substrate that is currently used to ensure high standards of protection and to pass the main corrosion resistance tests
: I.Met has the same long-lasting performance but with a significantly lower cost, as the price of Palladium is at its highest due to growing demand from the automotive sector, especially from the U.S.A and China.

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