Skills and development at the service of chemistry

A constant drive for improvement. Maximising talent and investments as a model of innovation

Our company philosophy is directly linked to our company identity. We have made out of internal expertise and investment the foundations to offer increasingly effective, innovative and patented solutions. And we will continue along this path in the future.
Our resources - human, technological and organisational - are the most important corporate assets. This is why we make sure they are maximised and put to the very best use. This approach is based on our mission, which aims to constantly bring elements of innovation to the field of electroplating solutions, as applied to the fashion and luxury sector.

Our code of ethics

Our code of ethics


Our vision sees the most solid foundations for building the future as the intangible ones. Skills, training and research. Every other investment is functional to these aspects.

Patents and Certifications

Protecting the results of our investments and offering certain guarantees to customers. Patents and certifications are two of the tools that make our quality standards objective.


We consider this element as being an added value. A team that is not only made up of chemists or technicians, but also of people who can offer strategy and design advice.


Our investments are aimed at one single goal: to offer electroplating solutions that can become real style tools in the hands of designers and production offices.