Research and investment: a guarantee for the future

Training, synergies and patents. How we support innovation in the world of fashion.

One of the fundamental aspects of our company’s orientation is linked to research into technologies with low environmental impact, free from toxic substances and safe. This approach forms part of the drive for innovation that has always inspired Valmet Plating. Innovation and safety therefore constitute the two central aspects of our development, work that takes into account consumer expectations - in terms of aesthetic performance and product life – in addition to those concerning the use of the baths, the operators of electroplating companies, in terms of the safety and performance of the solutions we develop.

The Research & Development division deals with:

  • Developing new electroplating baths: basic treatments, protective intermediate layers and final deposits
  • Developing implementation processes
  • Customising products as per customer requirements
  • Developing new colouring methods
  • New patents


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