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Smoke: gold vintage effect. The top for those looking for aesthetics and versatility

A finish that leaves its mark

Smoke is the galvanic bath that guarantees a vintage effect on gold tones. Effective, durable and easy to apply. And absolutely safe.

Smoke is the other product created to increase the range of solutions designed for those looking for a vintage but contemporary style. The effect is based on the soft yield of the uncovered, or abraded surfaces, typical of all the vintage style. The use of golden and worn surfaces is one of the distinctive features of the various declinations of vintage. From jewels to accessories, from studs to buckles, the antiqued and ruined patina of gold has always been a common thread and an element of strong symbolism. Gold is an element to be displayed as a sign of luxury and exclusivity, in vintage - and in grunge style in particular, in vogue in recent years - gold surfaces become important because they have been ruined by time, worn and antiqued.

To accompany this trend we have developed a product, Smoke, which was born as a creative tool in the hands of designers and galvanic companies. Smoke is the galvanic bath which allows to obtain vintage effects on incredibly realistic and warm golden surfaces. The surfaces are soft and with tones and strokes that only years of use can leave.

Furthermore, Smoke is an extremely easy to apply, highly stable and completely safe solution, green. The galvanic bath is applied extremely quickly (from 1 'to 2 minutes 30 "), it guarantees a perfect yield, without the red-blue marks that can appear with the classic gold-blacks. The yield is excellent both on pieces worked with engraving, molding or precision casting. The Smoke galvanic bath is perfect to be used also in barrel processes.

The features of Smoke:

  • High penetration
  • Total green
  • Soft in breakouts
  • Deep Black
  • Fast (1’ – 2’ 30’’)
  • Even in barrel process
  • For gold finishes

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