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29 October 2019
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The cost of palladium has skyrocketed

The cost of palladium has skyrocketed and the best answer is IMet, the alternative for industries seeking the same effect as palladium but with lower costs.

Palladium is currently the most expensive of the top four precious metals. The current cost marks a record - higher than gold - with no indication that this trend will decline in the near future.

This trend has many palladium applications especially in the automotive industry as a major material for emission reduction components for cars and trucks. Palladium is actually used in car exhaust system transforming toxic by-products and CO2 into non-toxic steam. In addition to the automotive sectors it is widely used in electronics, dental and jewellery making industries.


The use of palladium in fashion

In the world of fashion industries, and particularly for galvanizing palladium is a key element to maintain protection, resistance to time and to prevent corrosion. The palladium substrates are exceptionally long lasting but due to the latest price trends, they are extremely expensive. IMet has the same effect as palladium, and with this in mind we offer an alternative solution that produces the same outcome. In fact it is a deposit with a structure that ensures total impermeability with respect to the action of corrosive agents.

IMet assures the same protection against corrosion and the application of IMet integrated with other innovative methods that our company has developed including the newest nickel free treatments allows to reduce, and for certain processes even to avoid the use of palladium. At the same time, however, it ensures a perfect result on the surfaces of the accessories, leaving them totally unchanged over time. It provides the same performance but at a much lower cost. Apart from that, the advantages of i.Met are that it is also a highly versatile product suitable for all accessories. The cyanide free production assures outstanding and enduring results that are safe and eco friendly.

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